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Markus Raabe & Team

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Markus Raabe is a German entrepreneur who, as a state-certified and officially licensed farrier, now also offers his services in Romania. He founded a specialist farrier for hoof diseases in Germany in 2003. As an authorised assessor for farriery, his expertise is in demand worldwide. He is authorised to train for the profession of farriery and all his students are successful worldwide today.

As an expert for sport horses, Markus Raabe takes care of the hoof technical needs of international Olympic riders and works for the USA, Australia and European national teams. He runs a specialist business for hoof diseases and specialises in the treatment of hoof cancer, navicular syndrome, podotrochlose and laminitis. Markus Raabe is responsible for radiology at the equine clinic and oversees the treatment of horses with complex hoof diseases.

Markus Raabe is a hoof orthopaedist in demand worldwide and has perfected his expertise in the field of hoof orthopaedics over a long professional experience of more than 25 years.
The healing methods he has developed for horses with long lameness have a high success rate. Markus Raabe specialises in the diagnosis of long lamenesses and offers hoof surgery as well as orthopaedic shoeing, always working with the highest precision and care. By working closely with veterinarians and equine physiotherapists, Markus Raabe is able to take a holistic view of equine health and the horse’s musculoskeletal system in order to provide optimal healing measures.

In addition to his work as a farrier, Markus Raabe and his team of equine experts also offer educational courses for equine professionals so that students, farriers and veterinarians can benefit from his expertise and expand their skills.
The world’s equestrian elite trust Markus Raabe’s expertise in the field of hoof orthopaedics and hold his work in high regard. His focus is always on a factual and convincing way of working to achieve the best for each horse.

Our team of experts is at work all over the world for the elite of equestrian sport.

We were active at the Olympic Games several years and the World Equestrian Games 2014.

Equine physiotherapist & farrier


Tiffany Hild is our experienced farrier and equine physiotherapist. With extensive knowledge and understanding of equine body structure and function.
As an equine physiotherapist she is able to diagnose and treat muscular problems and injuries. As a state-certified and officially licensed farrier, Tiffany is an expert in the orthopaedic treatment of horses.
Her skills in both areas provide holistic treatment for horses - a wide range of knowledge and skills working together to ensure the health of horses.

Veterinarian medical doctor


Mirela is a skilled veterinarian and horse clinic manager with a passion for equine medicine. Her extensive experience in the field has made her a valuable expert in our clinic. Dedicated to the health and welfare of our equine patients, Mirela's leadership as a clinic manager ensures the smooth operation of our facility and the highest quality care for our patients.

Contact (romanian language only)
0040 7460 63926 (8.00 - 17.00 h)

Veterinarian medical doctor


Andreea is an exceptional veterinarian with a specialisation in laboratory diagnostics and the treatment of equine respiratory diseases. Her expertise in equine gynaecology is remarkable. In addition to her expertise in diagnostics and treatment, Andreea plays a crucial role in the aftercare of horses following hoof surgery. She is committed to ensuring optimal recovery and healing. Working closely with our team of experienced farriers, Andreea ensures that the hooves of our equine patients receive the necessary attention and support.