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Markus Raabe & Team

Professional orthopaedic farrier and instructor for hoof treatment Markus Raabe and his team of experts for hoof diseases.

At our expert clinic for hoof diseases, veterinarians and farriers work together hand in hand. Often our patients have already suffered for years without any improvement.

With us, there are scientifically and medically sound facts.
Our team is at work all around the world

surgery and operations

hoof diseases

Hoof operations and orthopaedic treatments to position corrections and experienced shoeing recommendations are offered by us in a highly specialised manner. We can provide everything from surgical intervention to wound care and aftercare for the horse.

Medical care

horse health

In our clinic, we are able to offer the best possible medical care. In addition to general medical care for horses and donkeys, experts are available for all medical fields – surgery, imaging, blood tests, dentistry and internal medicine.


educational courses

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Equine Science

Duration: 2 Days

Hoof Science

Duration: 5 Days

hoof diseases

Duration: 5 Days

hoof treatment for donkeys

Duration: 1 Day

Medical course

Duration: 10 Days

Ultrasound examination
of the tendons

Duration: 1 Day

Digital mobile X-ray systems for horse legs

Duration: 1 Day

Blood Examination

Duration: 1 Day

Equine Dentistry

Duration: 3 Days


Duration: 5 Days

digital movement analysis for sport horses

Duration: 1 Day

deworming of equids

Duration: 1 Day