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As an essential part of equine medicine, orthopaedics plays a prominent role in our horse clinic. We employ veterinarians who specialise in orthopaedic treatments. Patients are examined both inside and outside the building, which has been designed to meet the needs of orthopaedics.

Outside, the examination of the orthopaedic patient takes place in motion. This is done on different surfaces. For example, two pavement surfaces of different roughness are available. These enable the patient to walk and trot in a straight line with surefootedness. The outdoor arena is used to examine the horse on soft ground. In this way, the right ground conditions can always be selected for the different orthopaedic questions.

In our stationary farriery we are also equipped to carry out all orthopaedic fittings.

The horse clinic has modern and spacious horse stalls that are adapted to the medical needs of a modern horse clinic. The intensive care stable is used to accommodate those patients whose state of health needs to be monitored continuously. It has been specially designed to meet these needs and ensure that horses in poor health can recover. Intensive care patients are monitored day and night by the permanent staff presence.

meet the equine experts

Markus Raabe & Team

Markus Raabe is a German entrepreneur. As a state-certified and officially licensed farrier, he founded in 2003 a specialist farriery for hoof diseases.

As an expert witness for farriery, his expertise was and is in demand worldwide.
He is authorised to train for the profession of farriery. All his students are successful worldwide today.

As an expert for sport horses, he provides the hoof-technical treatment for international Olympic riders. He works for the USA, Australia and of course for European national teams.

He runs a specialist business for hoof diseases. He has specialised in the treatment of hoof cancer, navicular syndrome, podotrochlose and laminitis.

At the horse clinic, he is the person in charge of radiology

With his team of selected experts he offers seminars and courses for farriers and veterinarians worldwide.
Markus Raabe founded the equine aid organisation EQUIWENT. 


Equine Physiotherapist


Digital analyst of equine movement


Veterinarian medical doctor


Veterinarian medical doctor


Veterinarian medical doctor


Veterinarian medical doctor